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Cultural Change

Your organisation's culture will effect the extent to which employees are inspired to achieve  your strategic goals.

An organisation's culture is often described as "the way we do things here". It is a combination of deeply felt values, beliefs and attitudes about how the work of the organisation 'should' be done. Cultures are acquired during periods of success, and employees see the culture as the reason for that success. However, the real reasons for success are more likely to relate to the organisation's markets and the relevance of its competencies.

As long as these 'real reasons for success' remain the same, the culture effectively controls behaviour, minimising the need for rules or discipline. When they change, the culture becomes dysfunctional by continuing to reinforce behaviour that is no longer appropriate. Cultural Change is not achieved by simply developing skills and knowledge. Different strategies are required: Symbolic management, transformational leadership, and true empowerment.  More about Cultural Change

Change & Perform can assist you with Cultural Change by:

Identifying and measuring cultural values and attitudes that are driving organisational behaviour and testing their relevance to the current organisation. 

Developing strategies for reinforcing only the values that are appropriate for the organisation right now

Mentoring executives and managers in processes for leading cultural change

Typical Cultural Change Projects completed by Kerry Feldman                 More about Cultural Change                Learn to Change Organisational Culture

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