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Organisational Review

Organisational review defines what you are changing from, what you should and what you should not changeIf your strategic plan defines what you are changing to, an organisational review describes what you are changing from.  The review can be of a whole organisation or be limited to one division, branch or function within the organisation.  It provides essential input to the strategic planning process. You may be satisfied with your success to date or you may feel you should be doing better. In either case, your continued success depends on an understanding of what has worked (or not worked) for your organisation in the past and whether similar strategies will work in the future.    
The review must be objective, and consider all options for improving business performance.  Many managers find that they are "too close to the business" to both maintain this objectivity and to look beyond currently applied solutions.

Change & Perform will review organisational performance by:

Consulting critical stakeholders in the success of the organisation, division or branch for their expectations and needs of it, both now and in future, assessing performance against current strategic and/or business planning goals and any other indicators of success recognised by stakeholders and resources available to implement the findings of this review.   
Discussions with managers and staff to determine root causes of success or failure to meet stakeholder expectations and/ or achieve goals particularly as it relates to the organisational structure, cultural values driving behaviour, management styles used, the competencies of managers and staff and the capacity to manage unexpected changes in stakeholder needs and environmental risks.
The recommendations of the review could range from doing very little (if performance is high) to re-arrangement of positions in a new structure, management or staff  development,  strategies for cultural change and/or changes to HRM policies and systems

Organisational Review Projects Completed

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