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Program Planning & Evaluation

Programs are set up and run to achieve specific outcomes for an organisation's customers and stakeholders. Many of them continue over long periods during which customer and stakeholder needs may change.  They also use expensive resources that may be better employed elsewhere. 


Careful planning is therefore necessary to ensure that each program effectively and efficiently achieving outcomes required by critical stakeholders and customers.   Ongoing evaluation is essential to ensure that as  customer or stakeholder needs change, the program adapts to cater for these needs.   


Change & Perform will assist you to Plan and Evaluate your Programs by ensuring that:


  • All needs of current customers and stakeholder in the program are duly considered during program planning and the development of the program strategy,
  • Program planning includes the development of both rigorous indicators for measuring program performance over time and risk management strategies for adapting to critical changes in stakeholder / customer needs,
  • An evaluation schedule is set up during program planning,
  • Stakeholders and customers needs (current at the time of the evaluation) are also duly considered during program evaluation, and,
  • Program resources are used efficiently.


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