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Our Approach to Achieving Strategic Change and Improving Organisational Performance

 It makes sense that an organisation staffed by high performers will be a high performing organisation.  But if you have worked in as many organisations as I have, you will almost certainly have come across some in which this is clearly not the case.     

A closer look at these organisations reveals that many of these high performers are working on projects, or are managed by policies or systems that are not aligned with the strategic goals of the organisation.  In cases like these it follows that alignment of individual performance with the achievement of the organisation’s strategic goals will improve organisational performance.  

The Change & Perform approach helps clients achieve this alignment by delivering services in strategic management, change management and/or individual performance management.

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Strategic Management
Strategy is developed during Corporate Planning and accountability for implementation is delegated down the organisation via Program Planning & Evaluation and a Business Planning & Reporting Cycle.
Change Management Tools
Empower organisation and employees to be capable of, and motivated to, change as required to implement Corporate Strategy.
Individual Performance Management
Motivating and empowering employees to align their performance with strategic goals.
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