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Cultural Change  

Cultural Change at the Strategic Level 

A Government Lead Agency was concerned that a cultural value had emerged across the public service that, if left unchecked, could have serious implications for service delivery.  Work included surveying managers across the service to determine depth and probable causes of the problem, development of strategies and actions for cultural change by addressing these causes and drafting amendments to government guidelines that recognised the need for cultural change and directed implementation of strategies recommended in report.  

Cultural Change by Engagement of Stakeholders

This engagement has been achieved by facilitation of  planning workshops which empowered managers to participate in strategic decision-making for adapting to change in their operating environment.     The workshops achieved this by enabling managers to understand the necessity for change and commit to realistic goals and strategies for achieving it, providing opportunities for senior managers to lead change and for applying peer pressure to encourage dissenters to accept unpopular change.

Cultural Change at Branch Level

A branch of 150 people within a Government Agency was given the opportunity to bid for work against the private sector.  A need was recognised to translate a ‘Public Sector Mentality’ into a ‘Customer Service Culture’.  Work included mentoring the managers in strategies for leading cultural change and development of a performance indicator that could be used to measure the change achieved over time.

Cultural Change - to Resolve Conflict

Conflict between a group of managers working on a common project was impacting on performance of the group.   These managers came from two agencies which had very different cultures.  Work included design and facilitation of a Values Workshop to help resolve this conflict by assisting the managers to commit to a set of common values for the project.

Cultural Change - to Raise Awareness

In response to a worldwide rise in identity crime, a government agency decided to raise the awareness of frontline staff of the thoroughness needed in checking of proof of identity documents.  Work included design of an interactive training program that graphically raised awareness of the possible consequences of identity theft and delivery of the training to pilot units before passing it over for delivery of the remainder by agency staff.   Evaluation forms and feedback given during the training revealed that staff were ‘suitably shocked’ by the training and several expressed a resolve to take extra care in future.

Cultural Change - To Encourage Innovation 

Branch in Government Agency wanted to encourage staff to explore more innovative ways of delivering their services.   Work included: designed and facilitated an Innovations Workshop to generate new ideas.   Participants were a ‘diagonal slice’ of the branch plus clients and other stakeholders.   Workshop was conducted in an atmosphere of ‘play not work’ and took participants through processes for enhancing right-brain thinking and generating and evaluating ideas.  Selected attendees accepted responsibilities for using these ideas to improve current strategies or work processes within the branch.   All participants very much enjoyed the workshop and some expressed their intent to apply what they had learnt more broadly in their workplace.

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