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Typical Performance Development Projects Completed

Performance Development to refocus on challenging targets and managerial feedback and support 

Client requested a Review of a Performance Development System.   Work included: surveying senior and line managers to identify their needs of the system and any issues that were impeding implementation.   The results of this survey indicated a need to strengthen its focus on challenging and achievable targets and managerial feedback and support and to ease implementation via an electronic form and audit procedure.    Work included: modification of the Performance Development Policy to give it the required focus and rewriting of the Performance Development Procedure and preparation of an electronic form (in consultation with IT and Administrative staff) and arranging for all managers to have intensive training in the delivery of positive and negative feedback on performance.

Performance Development to Support and Reinforce Change

Client was undergoing major change and required a review of their Performance Development System to both support and reinforce change.  A review of the system indicated that many employees felt that the system was used unfairly and several managers had little faith in it to actually bring about improved performance.    Redesigned the system to help managers align it with achievement of their business planning targets (and therefore the new Corporate Plan) and recommended strategies for enhancing change leadership by line managers and building employee trust in the system

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