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Typical Business Planning Projects completed by Kerry Feldman

Business Planning - to enable Commercialisation

A Branch within a Government Agency was given the opportunity to bid for work against the private sector.  The branch employed 150 people working across seven districts.  Most staff and some managers had little to no understanding of commercial business practice.  Work included: surveying managers and staff to identify issues and cultural values that could jeopardise commercial success,   design and facilitation of a commercial Business Planning workshop for the group and development of workshop outputs into the Branch Business Plan.     This was followed by mentoring District Managers through the process of developing more detailed District Business Plans and for leading change.   The result of the consultancy was a framework of commercially focussed business plan which included strategies for achieving and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

Business Planning - to improve Customer Focus

A Region of a Government Agency had recently re-structured their ten branches to recognise internal customer-supplier relationships.   They required a Business Plan for the Region and for each Branch that would recognise and reinforce the new structure.   Work included: design and facilitation of a Strategic Planning workshop for the Region and development workshop outputs into the Regional Business Plan.
To develop the Branch Plans, work included helping each Branch Manager to prepare for their workshop by conducting a draft environmental analysis, design and facilitation of Strategic Planning workshops which recognised their role as a customer or supplier, design of a model for developing each Strategic Plan into a detailed Business Plan and mentoring line managers in applying this model to their branch. The outcome of consultancy was that the region had an integrated system of Strategic and Business Planning and Reporting in place that recognised and reinforced their new structure.

Small Business Planning - to Justify Funding Bid

A small Australian mining company needed a Business Plan to justify a bid for further capital investment in a mine in Fiji.   The mine was managed by Australians and staffed by local people.  Work included research into the company’s present operations, facilitation of a Strategic Planning workshop attended by mine mangers and local advisers on the Fijian culture and operating environment.  Work included:  developed workshop outputs into a Business Plan that was submitted to the company’s Board as an application for future capital investment.  Mine managers commented that the workshop had given them great insight into the overall running of the mine and the benefit of working collaboratively with other managers.     

Small Business Planning - to  Manage Growth  

The General Manager of a small, but rapidly expanding company recognised both a need to centralise strategy development and that this would be resisted by managers of some State branches. He requested that a national strategic plan be developed to both set future direction and unify the efforts of State branches.    Work included: researching the association’s history, design and facilitation of a highly participative one-day strategic planning workshop and development of workshop outputs into a Strategic Plan which included recommendations for further development into a National Business Plan.  A separate document recommended strategies for overcoming resistance to the plan.

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