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Typical Projects Completed in Program Planning and Evaluation

Two years as Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation for National Industry Extension Service (NIES NSW)   

During my time in this position, I completed a 6 month Traineeship ‘Performance Management for Organisational Development’ delivered by the Strategic Management Unit of the NSW Premier’s Department.  I developed the NIES Program Performance Review as an Action Learning Project for this Traineeship.   NIES was committed to the task of making Australian manufacturing industry world competitive.  It assisted them by subsidising private sector management consultancies.   The review examined the appropriateness of current and proposed strategies to community needs and government priorities and the effectiveness and efficiency with which these were being implemented.   
I was the first person to occupy this position  and my initial role was to develop performance indicators and build these into a monitoring program.    I then managed  the data collection process and evaluated information collected.    The information included evidence of NIES’s performance at: targeting appropriate companies for assistance, promoting NIES to these companies, the appropriateness of Management Consulting Services provided and the effectiveness and efficiency with which they were delivered.  

Evaluation of a Human Services Program

As the Principal of Change & Perform, I used the same methodology to evaluate a pilot of a human services program in a rural area.  The program has begun as a regular, but informal meeting, between community stakeholders but it’s success had prompted my client to have it independently evaluated as a pilot for use in other areas.   Work therefore included a workshop attended by stakeholders and staff during which we developed an Evaluation Plan based on the intended outcomes of the program at its outset.    We then worked within existing data to identify Performance Indicators for the program.   This enable us to determine the extent to which current strategies had (or had not) contributed to its success and strategies that could improve performance further.   My report also included a set of more sophisticated performance indicators for evaluation of future programs.

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