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Typical Projects Completed in Consultation and Communication

Staff Satisfaction Survey

Two government agencies had recently merged.  The executive team of the leading agency was considering the introduction of major change in the other agency’s work processes.    Before doing so they needed to know how acceptable the change would be to employees. Work included: conduct of a staff satisfaction survey which identified cultural values and sources of motivation of affected staff, acceptance of calls from staff on an anonymous hotline and email and reporting the results of the survey together with recommendations for addressing issues identified. 

Consultation & Communication Strategy for addressing Change Issues

Designed and implemented a communications strategy for employees affected by changes in resource allocations.   The strategy identified change issues via  a survey of affected staff and addressed them by a regular newsletter, intranet articles, a team briefing process and an e-mail and phone hotline. 

Consultation via Participative Workshops

All Strategic, Program or Business Planning projects completed have used participative workshops as a critical first step.  The emphasis on these workshops is to give all critical stakeholders the opportunity to contribute to strategy development processes and therefore 'buy in' to their successful implementation.  These workshops can also be used for other purposes. For example, to resolve conflict across team members on how their task should be achieved.  

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