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Strategic Planning

strategic planning determines you are doing the right things, improves organisational performance enables strategic changeStrategic Planning is the process used by successful organisations to decide what are the right things to do. Corporate Planning  is the highest form of strategic planning and in large organisations it sets direction,  allocates resources  and  delegating responsibility for implementation to programs, divisions, branches, and/or units in the organisation.   Cross functional Strategic Plans set direction for a particular function across the whole organisation. For example the Strategic HRM Plan (see below) directs HRM policies and systems.   Other common functional strategic plans are for Information Management & Technology and Finance  More about Strategic Planning

Small organisations may have one plan only, which is both a Strategic, and a Business Plan.  More about Small Business Planning 

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

 The purpose of SHRM is to enable you to recruit, retain and manage appropriately the right people to implement the strategies of your Corporate Plan.  Strategies within the SHRM strategic plan may direct changes to HRM policies, procedures and strategies.   For example, if your Corporate Plan requires you to deliver a new service, the SHRM Plan may detail changes to recruitment or L&D strategies and revision of your Performance Development policy to ensure that your staff have the right skills to deliver this service.

Change & Perform can assist your Strategic Planning and Introduction or maintenace of Strategic HRM by:

1. Ensuring all relevant, available information (from inside and outside your organisation) is used in Strategic Decision-making.
2. Designing a planning and reporting framework for effectively delegating accountability for achievement of the Corporate Plan down through the organisation and training staff in its use.  This would include advising on purpose, content and processes for  developing each plan.
3. Designing and Facilitating planning workshops and using other participative management techniques to engage critical stakeholders in your planning processes.
4. Writing up the Strategic Plan
5. Developing a Human Resource Management Strategic Plan that is aligned to your Corporate Plan


Typical Strategic Planning Projects completed by Change & Perform                              Learn to develop a Strategic Plan

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