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What Clients say about Change & Perform

"Kerry has a deep understanding of the principles and methods of strategic, program and business planning.    This understanding, together with her remarkable facilitation and mentoring skills resulted in sound plans to which all stakeholders were committed.     I was most impressed by the guidance and attention she gave to participants before, during and after each workshop”. 

Henriette Zeitoun" (when at Sydney Water). 

"I have heard a considerable amount about change, but most proponents seem to take the need for granted. It was immediately refreshing to hear a rational explanation of cause, and for process"

Peter Davidson, Information Analysis Pty. Ltd. 

" Trainees enjoyed the program, finding the content stimulating and the exercises fun. ...... completing their work-plans really brought home to them the relevance and power of the concepts you introduced."                      

Michelle Dear, (when at Royal Australian College of General Practitioners).

 "The framework which Kerry built to facilitate the commitment to joint management by the two organisations was underpinned by a strong consultation and a communications plan. The change was managed by Kerry through her work in aligning both organisations with the vision and key messages, reinforced through a number of communciation channels.  As a result of the consultative approach and strong communciations to support the change, the outcomes were highly successful."

Nancy King, Communications Consultant, (when at NPWS).


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