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Business Planning

Business Plans explain how an organisation does things right. 
They may be used internally to give direction to management and staff of the business or externally to show accountability and justify applications for funding.

The first stage of business planning is to develop a strategic plan to identify what you need to achieve.    The second stage develops detailed strategies for achieving this.   Acommercial business plan has strategies for Marketing (which drives the rest of the plan), Operations, HRM and sometimes Innovation.

Change & Perform can assist Large Organisations with Business Planning by:

1.  Developing one or more business planning models that will enable corporate direction to be delegated effectively and unit managers to demonstrate how their unit will contribute to the achievement of corporate objectives.
2. Designing and facilitating planning workshops to engender commitment to the planning and implementation processes.
3. Providing hands on support to managers as they develop workshop outputs into Business Unit Plans.  More about Business Planning in Large Organisations

Change & Perform can assist Small Businesses with Business Planning by:

1. Developing a credible business plan that demonstrates your business’s ongoing feasibility, justifies bids for financing and provides strategic direction and guidance to managers as they implement the plan.
2. Reviewing existing operations to identify the issues that need to be addressed in a business plan and developing strategies for addressing them
3.  Training business managers.   More about Small Business Planning

Typical Business Planning Projects completed by Kerry Feldman                             Learn how to develop your own Business Plan

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