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Change Management Programs for Achieving Transformational Change

I first came across Kotter when I was completing my MBA back in 1986 and left the AGSM with his earlier model implanted in my brain.    It wasn’t until I started reading Leading Change (quite recently), that I realised how much he had influenced my approach to achieving  change.   So much so that I could see I have been delivering services for alignment of systems, structure, culture and policies with strategic goals for years, all of which are powerful components of Kotter’s approach.  

I believe that Kotter has substantially improved his earlier model, most notably by greater emphasis on establishing a sense of urgency and on anchoring new approaches into the culture. 

This service focusses on achieving Transformational Change and the role of a Change Manager in achieving it.  Obviously, I have used Kotter’s Eight-Step Process of Creating Major Change (as presented in Leading Change[i]) as my base model, but I have also included knowledge I have learnt from my research and experience. My service is flexible in that it can be applied to organisations of any size, divisions or branches within an organisation and many of its features can be applied to Process Change.    More about change management programs

[i] Leading Change, John P Kotter, Harvard Business Press, 1996




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