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Typical Projects Completed in Design and Delivery of Change Management Programs

Inter-agency Change Management

Two  Government agencies were required to work together on a long-term program but attempts at joint management had stalled because they could not agree on the criteria for selecting projects for inclusion in the program.  They had developed a static ten-year implementation plan that included many, many projects and would cost several million dollars to implement it, but had no agreed structure in place for prioritising these projects.

I headed up a small unit with a brief to establish processes for effective and accountable joint management across the two agencies, and to progressed implementation to the stage that it could be taken over by permanent staff.  I achieved this goal and the processes I designed were built into a Joint Management Agreement and Funding Agreement between the two agencies.

My work included both the design and implementation of a planning and performance reporting cycle and a change management strategy.   

The cycle included plans and performance measures at the strategic, program and project levels. Program teams included research scientists, strategic policy experts, land managers and public education specialists.

Change strategies included

  •  Identification of executive and senior managers of both organisations as a guiding coalition, and involving them directly in the design of the planning and reporting cycle, and development of a 'Strategic Priorities Plan' to provide year-by- year direction to the program plans.
  • Facilitation of participative stakeholder workshops used to develop program and strategic planning processes,
  • intense training in project planning and performance reporting processes 
  • identifying and addressing issues causing resistance to change via a communications strategy
  • leadership development of members of the guiding coalition, and,
  • conflict management to resolve inter-agency issues on the program teams. 

Design of a Change Management Strategy for a Large Engineering based Organisation

The agency was iintroducing a new Quality System and recognised they did not have 'buy-in' from a large group of Critical Stakeholders in its implementation and that this resistance to change was hampering implementation.  I was engaged to design a Change Management Program that would overcome this resistance.   I interviewed each of these stakeholders to identify issues giving rise to this resistance and discovered it's cause to be that they had not been properly consulted in how it was to be implemented.   My strategy recommended both a process for engaging appropriate users of the system at several levels in the organisation and Leadership Development of managers who's staff would be directly involved in it's implementation.

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