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Engagement, Consultation & Communication

Communication and consultation strategies for engaging and reassuring staff and stakeholders These words are often used inter-changeably but their meaning is quite different.


Is about involving people in decision-making usually by workshops, before the direction and extent of change are finalised.    They then 'own' the change and become natural change leaders.    Engagement is extremely important when employees are doing complex work and are required to exercise discretion over how this work is done.  


Should also take place before the change is finalised.  It allows people to express their concerns about the direction and extent of planned change and often reveals 'tacit knowledge' that is not known to management. 


Communication provides people with information in a way that they can understand it.  A communication strategy reduces anxiety by delivering clear consistent messages to staff relating to the reason for change, and how it will (or will not) affect them.  It may also inform them of services available for helping them through the change

Change & Perform's Engagement and Consultation services include:

  • Participative Workshops
  • Staff Satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Focus Groups (for identifying change issues)
  • Interviews with stakeholders before and after  their involvement in a workshop
  • Accepting calls or emails on an anonymous hot-line and identifying change issues identified
  • Values workshops - that commit individuals to behaviours consistent with these values


Change & Perform Communication services include:

  • Production of Staff Newsletters or Intranet articles
  • Briefing Executives in strategies for leading change
  • Design and assistance with early implementation of a Team Briefing program 
  • Design and Delivery of Communication Campaigns for use during a change program 

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