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Organisational Re-design

The right Organisational Design and Job Design ensure that your people are cost-effectively employed. Good design provides access to necessary skills and knowledge to implement the strategy. Great design goes further; it empowers managers and employees, giving them the autonomy, resources and organisational support they need to work effectively.  More about Organisational Re-design

Change & Perform will help you re-design your organisation and jobs within it by:

  1. Identifying the skills and knowledge needed to implement your strategic and business plans and the most effective way to group individuals so that these skills and knowledge are accessible, when needed.  Assisting you with the task of writing selection criteria, position descriptions and/or performance plans for individuals in each position.

Reviewing your existing organisational structure to ensure that it not only employs people with the right skills and knowledge, but also motivates them to develop these skills further and share their knowledge with other relevant staff

Typical Organisational Design Projects completed by Kerry Feldman                          More about Organisational Re-design

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