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Change & Perform Management Development  Programs

Change & Perform delivers eight Management Development Programs.    They are:

Leadership Skills

Working in Teams

Strategic Time Management

Motivating Staff

Developing a Strategic Plan

Writing a Business Plan

Performance Development

Introduction to Cultural Change





All Programs are designed and delivered by Kerry Feldman, Principal of Change & Perform.   They are available as In-house training sessions (either stand-alone or tailored to your organisations needs) or as Mentoring.  More about Management Development

Typical Management Development Projects Completed

In-house Programs 

Stand-alone Training Sessions

Training content is as described on this website, and the client provides a training room and necessary equipment. I provide the training materials, and  workbooks that will be completed during the training.   Case studies, seminar presentations and role-plays will use generic work examples.   Training will include a knowledge test and suggestions for transferring skills to the workplace.

Tailored Programs

Training can be preceded by a detailed Needs Analysis, with data collected by observation, interviews with staff or managers, tests, etc. as appropriate.   Training content is tailored to reflect training needs identified.    The client provides a training room and necessary equipment. I provide the training materials, and workbooks that will be completed during the training.   Case studies, seminar presentations and role-plays can be tailored to use examples of the real work of the client organisation.  
Training will include a knowledge test.  It may also include development of a workplan for ensuring transfer of skills to the workplace and follow up sessions during which I will assess application of training in the workplace and recommend how it could be improved.
For further information email or phone Kerry Feldman on 612 97063522  

Facilitated Mentoring

What is Facilitated Mentoring

Facilitated mentoring is a confidential one-on-one partnership between a mentor and an mentee. The mentee typically is one of three types.  The first is a competent manager overall, but whose further advancement is blocked by a need for development in one or more specific areas. These areas often related to people management or the management of strategic change.   The second type is a successful mentee who wishes to further improve his/her leadership skills.  The third is a professional (doctor, lawyer, engineer) entrepreneur who finds that day-to-day demands of their business limit their ability to develop long-range business and personal development strategies. 

My  Facilitated Mentoring Process

The most important criterion for success of the mentoring experience is that a match is achieved between the competencies of the mentor and the developmental needs of the mentee.  If you believe that you, or a  colleague in your organisation, could benefit from mentoring, I suggest that you first peruse the contents of the above courses and the change management articles on this website to confirm whether my competencies match your needs.    If so, I invite you to  telephone me on 612 9706 3522 or  e-mail me to express your interest and to initiate a dialogue (by email, phone and/or face-to-face) that enables me to answer any queries about the process and to familiarise myself with your organisation and in particular, its mentoring policy or program and performance development systems.  
If, as a result of this dialogue we agree that there are learning opportunities that I can address, we then proceed as follows.

  1. We sign a contract  to produce an agreed Learning Plan that integrates into your organisation’s systems.   I commit to supporting the mentee to achieve it and we set the times for our first 6 mentoring sessions.   These are ideally face-to-face but can be delivered by telephone with internet support.  
  2.  I develop a draft Learning Plan which we usually finalise during the first one or two sessions.  As we do so, we note the support that will be required of me at each step of the plan, the work that the mentee will do between session and how improvements will be measured.    If the mentee’s superior requires it, we involve him/her in setting goals and performance measures but also agree, at this stage, on information that will remain confidential between the mentee and myself during the whole process.  
  3. As the mentee implements the plan, we continue to meet at regular intervals and/or as-needed by the mentee.   During each session we monitor progress and  I provide training, information and practical advice to address any emerging difficulties or slippage against performance measures.
  4. As the mentee learns sessions become less frequent and finally cease.


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To discuss how we could help your organisation, contact Kerry on Email, LinkedIn or phone (02) 97063522 or 0419 474 432.